Cobb's Web

The primary source of this information is my niece, Virginia S. Greene, to whom this Cobb family is forever indebted. Virginia’s efforts were supplemented with my DNA testing in 2004, which revealed our descendancy from Ambrose (the Emigrant) Cobb, ca. 1603 and The Cobbs of Kent.
Further information can be obtained at the “Cobb and Cobbs” website, see Link below. Please note that choosing to go to the “Cobb and Cobbs” website will exit Cobb’s Web. Please also note there are further links to our ancestry at “Cobb and Cobbs” to the Descendants of Ambrose Cobb of Virginia, The Cobbs of Kent, and The Cobbs of Western Kentucky.
As with any genealogical effort, this web site is a continuing project. Information refuting or confirming ancestral relationships will be greatly appreciated. Note: Family cards and person sheets on living persons have been removed from this site. Should you find information here which should not be included, please advise me or Virginia.


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